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Tips to make hair color last longer

By: Admin | 18 May 2020

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There is hardly anyone amongst us who has not given in to the temptation of colouring their hair at least once in their life. And we have all, unless having been better informed, faced the same ordeal. We have come out of the salon with colour, dyes, highlights, lowlights, streaks and what have you, looking like a million bucks… but the party ends at midnight! Ok, in a few weeks or a month at most. After which the hair colour starts to fade and you start looking like a mop that needs to be replaced. Considering the expense involved in hair colour, and the inevitable chemicals that are used in the process, you cannot afford to keep doing this every time to your wallet or your hair. So, what is the solution? Find out below what makes hair colour fade, and what you can do to slow the process down.

• Keep away from shampoo immediately after colouring your hair
The process of hair colour involves opening the cuticle layer so the chemicals can penetrate deep into each shaft of the hair. The cuticle layer then takes some time to close again. If you shampoo your hair before that happens, you will simply wash off the colour you spent so much time and money on. To be on the safe side, do not wash or shampoo your hair for at least three days after colouring it. If you really have to wash, just take a quick shower in cold water with a gently rub on your scalp using nothing but your fingers. But that too only if you just have to.

• Choose the right kind of shampoo
Shampooing too much or using the wrong kind of shampoo is not a good idea as it washes off the natural oils of your hair that keep it naturally healthy. As for coloured hair, a little bit gets washed away every time you shampoo. Hence, you need to shampoo less frequently, and with the right product. The shampoo should be free of sulphate. Sulphate just adds to the foam, and foam strips your hair of its colour even faster. Better still, try switching to a dry shampoo. Choose the colour safe variety. It will not only clean your hair without the need for a wash, but will also protect the hair colour while keeping your hair healthy. Colour tinted dry shampoos are another option that help in actually fortifying your existing colour! Same with your conditioner. Adding a matching dye to your conditioner will help fortify your existing hair colour. Whatever you choose to do or not to do, definitely stay away from clarifying shampoos!

• Reduce exposure to heat
Remember why you were advised not to shampoo immediately after colouring your hair? Because your cuticles were open? The same thing happens when you use heat of any kind on your hair. The cuticles open up. While relaxing in hot water might feel great, it does not do great things to your hair. Quite the contrary in fact. Warm or hot water washes more moisture out of your hair than needed, and washes off the colour right from out your open cuticles as well. Cold water on the other hand tightens your cuticles and keeps the colour from washing off steadily. Same with hot tools like curling or straightening irons and blow dryers, as well as heat styling products. Stay away from them completely for some time after having freshly coloured your hair. If you have to use them after that, consider using heat protectant sprays on your hair beforehand. In fact, even the heat from the Sun and the harmful UV rays from it will cause your hair colour to fade faster. Consider wearing a scarf or hat when out.

• Take care while swimming
There is no greater overall form of exercise than swimming, nor, as vouched by most, no greater way to relax than a day in the pool. But you do have to keep in mind that the chlorine added to pool water is not at all good for coloured hair. It not only causes it to fade out really fast, but also tends to discolour it!

Don’t let that cramp your lifestyle though, because with the right precautions, you can take the plunge any time you want. Things you can try include wetting your hair first, and rubbing in some conditioner and leaving it on under a shower cap before diving in. If you are a regular swimmer, consider carrying a mix of leave-in conditioner and water in a handy spray bottle in your swimming bag. Remember to rinse your hair out with cold water after the swim. Another option is to use a hair protector containing SPF. All the better if it contains sunflower oil which protects your hair by releasing antioxidants.

• Invest in a shower filter
This is a good investment for any kind of hair, and specially for coloured hair. It filters out the salts from hard water apart from mineral sediments that can do much harm to your hair. Hard water, containing chlorine, other chemicals and minerals washes away your hair’s natural oils as well as the colour you added to it. It also leads to discolouration just like in the case of swimming pools. Look for a good filter when you are buying one as it will make a lot of difference to how long the colour and shine will stay in your hair.

• Go for professional touch ups occasionally
Instead of recolouring your hair because the colour is starting to fade, little touch ups can do the trick of making your hair look freshly coloured as well. A little lightening of the roots, a few highlights around your face, a glossing treatment are some examples that can keep the effect of your coloured hair going much longer than it otherwise would have. Follow the tips to protect your coloured hair, as suggested by your hair expert.

• Care for your hair before going for the colour service
Before heading out for a full-on colouring session, shampoo your hair a day before with clarifying shampoo. This will remove all oils from your hair that may block the penetration of colour and hence give you a longer lasting hair colour treatment.

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