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Skin Care tips for Summers

By: Admin | 12 May 2020

Skin care tips

Summer is upon us and the first thing we notice after the heat is the way this season ravages our skin. We have to look after it with added effort in order for us to have healthy beautiful complexions like always. Let us see what happens to our skin, and what summer skincare essential routines consist of.

What exactly happens to our skin in Summer?
• Our skin becomes dry and irritated
This is because while the outside is hot and humid, the insides are air conditioned and crisp. Also, we jump from showers to the heat to swimming pools and back out again. This leads to dryness and irritable skin even though you might be sweating buckets.

• We are prone to acne breakouts
This is because the sweat mixes with your natural oils and bacteria, and this mixture clogs your pores all the time. This invariably leads to unseemly breakouts and folliculitis.

• Our feet and hands are prone to infections
The damp sweat-filled environment that our body is shrouded under in the summers leads to warm humid spots between our fingers and toes. These breed infections causing bacteria.

• We are prone to prickly heat
Heat rash is caused by blocked sweat glands, which are plentiful given the summer conditions. The prickly sensation is caused by the sweat-filled bumps burst.

• We are prone to hives
Also known as sun allergy, you can get the hives from being exposed to the summer sun.

How do salon treatments help keep summer damage at bay?
There are certain beauty treatments that go beyond just being a beauty treatment in the summer months. For example, the facial, the manicure or the pedicure. Apart from making you look good; they stop skin damage from the harsh summer environment. What matters is what kind of facials or cures you go for.

For example, in summer you would want to go for facials that work on repair and protection instead of glow and softness. Choose a facial that protects against sunburn.
• Choose one that is antiseptic in nature.
• Go for one that infuses your skin with antioxidants.
• While choosing manicures and pedicures avoid the ones that moisturise.
• Choose ones which are antiseptic and light.
• Go for those that exfoliate away old skin with environmental dust.
The options are there. Choose them right.

As is evident from above, there are a whole range of facials, manicures and pedicures to choose from to tackle summer-damaged skin. And others to prevent further sun damage. It is about understanding what each does, and mixing and matching them according to your own skin type. Armed with the advice of a good beautician, you will not be scared to take on summer weather anymore.

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