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How Hair Rebonding can be beneficial for your hairs?

Hair Rebonding – a chemical treatment which relaxes your hair by smoothing and straightening your hair. Your hair is formed from amino acids and these proteins are made from bonds which determine the structure of your hair (wavy, straight, curly). So, rebonding breaks down your natural bonds and rebuild them to change the structure of your hair using chemicals. Thus, supplying you with silky smooth hair which you've been dreaming about since forever.


Q. How long does the effect of hair rebonding lasts in your hair?
Hair rebonding may be a permanent treatment which enables your hair to stay straight until your new growth starts coming from the roots of your hair. So, depending upon the expansion of your natural hair you would possibly require regular touch during a year approximately.

Q. What extra care should be taken after you get rebonding done?
After you get rebonding done, you ought to confirm to not use any commercial hair shampoos or products. you ought to use the shampoos, hair conditioners and hair masks prescribed by the experts. you ought to also get a timely hair spa done within a month or two which can help restore the smoothness of your hair.

Q. What is the main difference between the two: hair rebonding and hair smoothening? Smoothening is a chemical change usually recommended for people having thin hair. This treatment smoothens your hair by slightly adding volume at the roots thus supplying you with a natural smooth look. The effect of this treatment usually lasts for 9-12 months. Whereas, rebonding too is a chemical change usually recommended for people having thick hair. This treatment breaks the natural bonds of your hair supplying you with the specified straight hair. it's a sort of a permanent treatment which lasts for a time period of 9-12 months. What you ought to also know is that hair rebonding gives you more of a natural look than smoothening.

Q. Why choose The Barbering for hair rebonding or any other hair related services? As we all know that hair rebonding is a chemical treatment, so before choosing the salon you ought to check if the hair experts are well trained and qualified. It's chemical in any case, one should skills to play with it, and if not, the treatment could go entirely wrong and do worse than good! We at The Barbering, the best hair salon in Vikaspuri, take such matters with a deep concern which is why we highly invest in training our staff.

Another special quality about our salon is that we always have a question with our customers - WHY? If you'll come to us for a hair treatment, we might first wish to know your required result and therefore the quality of your hair, only after which we'll suggest whether the treatment is suitable for your hair type or not. Through this process, the customer gets free consultation along the method and eventually achieves what he/she was actually trying to find. a cheerful and satisfied customer is our ultimate goal.

Q. How much does rebonding costs at The Barbering?
Depending on the hair quality we provide our customers which three categories of hair rebonding:

• Basic rebonding
If you have healthy hair on which no chemical treatment has been done previously then you should opt for basic rebonding.

• Pro rebonding
If you slightly damaged hair which has undergone any treatment previously, then you should opt for pro rebonding. What actually makes pro rebonding different from the basic is the use of specialised masks and essential oils which adds extra nourishment to the hair.

• Shine bond rebonding
We also provide a shine bond treatment for those of you whose hairs are excessively damaged and brittle. Such hair requires extra conditioning and shine treatment which is why our experts suggest this treatment.


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