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Hair care tips for summers

With the arrival of summer, our worries for our precious hair also arrive. The cruel summer sun, dust, pollution and sweat gives a real rough time to our hairs. So, this is the high time for taking care of our hair.

Here we are sharing some tips for taking proper care of your hair during summer -:
1. Hair styles
Summers are the perfect times for experimenting with loose and carefree hair styles. You can try high ponytails, messy buns, big braids and what not. Not only will it keep your hair save from frizz, you will feel cooler and lighter by keeping your hair off your neck.

2. Less hair wash
As the days get hotter, we all know how tempting it is to wash our hair daily, but wait, that is what you have to avoid for more healthier hair in summer. The excessive heat takes all the essential and much needed natural hair oil from the scalp. To maintain the balance of natural oils we have to avoid washing our hair often.


3. Don’t forget to trim
When our hair dries out, our ends will be more likely to split. And splits ends make our style look frizzy and ragged. So, trim your hair often, that way they become healthier and looks prettier.

4. Use conditioner
Not only our body but the sun is drying out our hair as well. You need to keep moisturising your hair. drink water as much as you can and with that use good conditioner, hair oil and serums. Salons can give you a professional deep moisturising treatment that will restore the silkiness and leave even the most damaged hair looking healthy.

5. Avoid direct exposure to sun
While going out keep your head covered to minimise the direct effect of sun’s harmful rays. It’s the perfect timing for using all the funky hats and stylish scarfs. Direct exposure to sun rays takes away all the moisture from scalp making hair frizzier and unhealthier

6. Use a wide tooth comb
Use a wide tooth comb instead of brush, wide-tooth combs are most gentle for untangling hair on the other hand brushes can cause losing lots of hair while untangling.

7. Shampoo with Care
Use of harsh shampoos and also the too much shampoo can dry up your scalp. If your scalp is tending to get more sweat and if your hair gets sweaty and greasy easily, you should use a mild shampoo that is especially good for summers.

Shampoo only on the scalp, not the hair, as you wash your hair, putting shampoo separately on your hair and hair tips will dry them out.

Now go out and Enjoy summer without getting worried about the hairs. Contact the professional hair experts at The Barbering- the best unisex salon in Vikaspuri and get the expert consultation for your hairs. Get in touch today!!


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